A long kept secret, a riddle of steel. SACRED OUTCRY's second chapter.

There were many people asking about the runic riddle hosted in the artwork of Sacred Outcry's debut album "Damned for All Time". One year after the album's release and while the band is already recording the second chapter in the Sacred Chronicles, the answer is revealed. Please welcome the new singer of Sacred Outcry, Daniel Heiman!

Arcane Metal! EZRA BROOKS and SERPENT RIDER joined No Remorse Records.

EZRA BROOKS and SERPENT RIDER will start working on their debut full-length albums that will be released by No Remorse Records in the near future. Meanwhile, a split release under the title “Visions of Esoteric Splendor” will be available on October 22nd of 2021, limited to 500 copies on vinyl and 500 copies on compact disc.