Three limited ROTTING CHRIST shaped picture discs to be released in September.

Licensed by Century Media, with vinyl mastering by Bart Gabriel, each shaped picture disc is hand-numbered and limited. A total of only 500 shaped picture discs are manufactured, and 300 of them are part of a special numbered box set including also an autographed photo. 200 of the shaped picture discs will be available separately.

TRIUMPHER's "Spirit Invictus" to be released on October 25, 2024.

Striking back while the iron is still hot, Triumpher already started planning their sophomore album by the time their highly-acclaimed debut "Storming the Walls" was released last year, in March 2023. Bringing their power on stages, Triumpher also performed at Up The Hammers and Keep It True Rising festivals, while they also supported Tom Gabriel Warrior's Triumph of Death and Primordial. "Spirit Invictus" consists of 8 songs of unbound, furious and dramatic epic metal that will lay its mark on the scene of today and will lead the future.