SHOW N TELL joined No Remorse Records.

Fueled by the ferocious sound and intensity that is True Heavy Metal, Show N Tell was formed in 2019 by guitarist/singer Dave Rodriguez. Originally a solo project, the band now consists of Dave Rodriguez (vocals/guitars), Joel Rodriguez (drums) and Cade Gardner (bass guitar). The band released a 3-song demo in October of 2019 and received lots of positive feedback from the underground metal scene.

SHADOWLAND joined No Remorse Records.

Forged in the stygian underbelly of New York City, 2018 Anno Satanas, Shadowland journeys beyond the chaos portal, sailing through the seas of time to conjure the spirits of the NWOBHM ancients. Thus far, the quintet’s esoteric quest, through their own volition, hath wrought upon the mortal realm a quad of heavy metal hexes: Demo (cassette 2018), The Watcher EP (cassette, 2019), Lost City (7”, 2020), and the Lamia music video (2020).

BY FIRE AND SWORD joined No Remorse Records.

By Fire and Sword was formed by the Honorable Reverend Tim Tom Jones and several of his devout followers. United by a passion for music and a desire to rid the world of evil, they immediately began building an army to spread their message of glory, love and light! Following the highly praised release of their debut EP "Freedom Will Flood All Things With Light", the band’s message of salvation has spread across the globe. It is a righteous fire, burning the wicked and rooting out evil wherever it reveals itself.