Recording, mixing and mastering for the debut album of THRONE OF IRON has been completed.

Highly recommended for fans of ETERNAL CHAMPION, SUMERLANDS and VISIGOTH, the album will be entitled "Adventure One" and the track list is:

1. A Call To Adventure, 2. Past The Doors Of Death, 3. Dark Shrine Of Rituals, 4. The Power Of Will, 5. Lichspire, 6. The Fourth Battle Of The Ash Plains, 7. The Allure Of Silver, 8. Wish

RIOT CITY's debut album is already one of the most highly acclaimed heavy metal albums of 2019 & line-up change.

RIOT CITY's "Burn The Night" is album of the month in Germany's DEAF FOREVER magazine (July/August issue) and No.1 at Soundcheck!

"These guys will rock the scene!" - DEAF FOREVER (GER), 9 out of 10

There is also a RIOT CITY interview at the same issue of DEAF FOREVER and there are also interviews in more established metal magazines, like METAL HAMMER (GR).