SHADOWLAND joined No Remorse Records.

Forged in the stygian underbelly of New York City, 2018 Anno Satanas, Shadowland journeys beyond the chaos portal, sailing through the seas of time to conjure the spirits of the NWOBHM ancients. Thus far, the quintet’s esoteric quest, through their own volition, hath wrought upon the mortal realm a quad of heavy metal hexes: Demo (cassette 2018), The Watcher EP (cassette, 2019), Lost City (7”, 2020), and the Lamia music video (2020).

Now, in these dark, formative days of 2021, Shadowland embark upon a new chapter in league with No Remorse Records. The foundations for a full length have been laid, calling on the heaviest, spookiest riffs from the darkest corners of the multiverse…

Shadowland is: Tanya Finder - Vox, Jeff Filmer - Guitar, Blaze - Guitar, Cedric - Bass, Dave Hawk - Drums

Watch the "Lamia" video: