KONQUEST debut album "The Night Goes On" out on vinyl by No Remorse Records.

Traditional heavy metal, highly recommended for fans of HEAVY LOAD, GOTHAM CITY, FAITHFUL BREATH, OZ and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

Founded in Italy in 2020, Konquest unleash their first offering of traditional heavy metal with an epic feeling in the way of classic '80s bands like Heavy Load.

Debut album "The Night Goes On" sets an epic vibe with opening track "The Theme of the Konqueror" followed by a storm of '80s heavy metal which is nostalgic and refreshing at the same time. While Konquest are inspired by classic '80s legends and underground bands, they manage to sound fresh and the album is dominated by direct songs, excellent guitar harmonies, dynamic rhythm section and an '80s feeling to die for.

Licensed from Iron Oxide Records, it will be available on vinyl format by No Remorse Records.

Release date: January 29, 2021


- Black vinyl, limited to 400 copies

- Transparent purple vinyl, limited to 100 copies


Side A:

1. Theme Of The Konqueror

2. The Night Goes on

3. Too Late

4. Keep Me Alive

Side B:

1. Fall Of The Konqueror

2. Helding Back The Tears

3. Heavy Heart

4. The Vision