SABΪRE joined No Remorse Records for the vinyl version of the debut release, “Gates Ajar”

Acid Metal for the Wild Ones, inspired by Tank, Venom, W.A.S.P. and Diamond Head. Sabïre is Rock `n’ Roll. Sabïre is Acid Metal. Acid Metal is the sound of true resistance. Vinyl version of the debut mini album Gates Ajar to be released by No Remorse Records on May 3, 2019.

SACRED RITE debut album to be released in deluxe limited vinyl edition.

Originally released in 1984, the debut album of the cult metal warriors from Honolulu, Hawaii, gets a high quality treatment and is presented with 2 cover sleeves (slipcase and regular).

Available versions: Black LP (limited 400 copies), Red LP (limited 100 copies)

Pre-order starts: 22 March 2019

Release date: 3 May 2019

TWISTED TOWER DIRE "Wars In The Unknown" out now!

TWISTED TOWER DIRE - Wars In The Unknown CD / LP

Available editions: CD, LP black, LP red (limited to 100 copies - sold out)


With every pre-order including a Twisted Tower Dire CD or LP, you will get a free Twisted Tower Dire full-autographed promo photo! There will be 300 Twisted Tower Dire full-autographed promo photos, that will be added only to pre-orders. Only one photo for each complete pre-order. Release date: March 15, 2019

Virgin Steele's early albums to be reissued by No Remorse Records

Virgin Steele's early albums to be reissued by No Remorse Records

Virgin Steele's debut album and "Guardians of the Flame" will be reissued on September 14th of 2018 by No Remorse Records.

Both albums will be reissued on CD format, a deluxe vinyl version and limited edition box set.

Each CD version will include 8 bonus tracks and 24 pages booklet including photos, lyrics and liner notes by David DeFeis.

HEIR APPARENT new album "The View From Below" out on October 2018


Seattle, WA's Heir Apparent was founded in 1984 by guitarist Terry Gorle. During 1985, Heir Apparent signed with Black Dragon Records and completed the first album "Graceful Inheritance" that was released in January of 1986. Up to this day, the debut album of Heir Apparent is considered as one of the best US metal albums of the 80s.

OPEN BURN debut album to be released by No Remorse Records


"Divine Intermission" is the debut full-length album of OPEN BURN, a new Progressive Power Metal band from USA, featuring veterans and known musicians of the scene. OPEN BURN includes three members of the legendary US Progressive Power Metal band LETHAL and their classic era of the "Programmed" album. OPEN BURN is Eric W. Johns (vocals), Dell Hull (guitars), Glen Cook (bass) and Jerry Hartman (drums). Highly recommended for fans of LETHAL, QUEENSRYCHE, FATES WARNING and HEIR APPARENT, "Divine Intermission" is set for release on June 29, 2018.