SILVER R.I.S.C. - Knot Over CD

SILVER R.I.S.C. - Knot Over CD

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SILVER R.I.S.C, one of the most iconic and historical Greek bands of the ‘90s, are back with their new album titled “Knot Over”. Formed in 1989 in Athens, Greece, they recorded and released their first album "Anything She Does" on Molon Lave Records in 1993. Influenced by the sounds of Heavy Rock, Blues and Funk, they immediately managed to make a strong impact in the ‘90s through concerts, presentations and media interviews. Both in the studio and on the stage, the band's sound and performance drew the attention of many. They reunited in 2019, once again presenting their personality on the stages of Athens, and 30 years after their debut album, new recordings are a reality!

The new album “Knot Over” includes 9 tracks with a rich orchestration and a dynamic sound. Highly recommended for fans of WHITESNAKE, VAN HALEN, BON JOVI, TEN.


1. Anna

2. Cry No More

3. Nothing for Me

4. The Sinner

5. Evil Waves

6. Bad Person

7. She Smiles to the Rainbow

8. Wasted tears

9. Trapped Under the Ice


Dimitris Gasparatos – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

Spiros Fousekis – Guitars

Tony V. – Drums

D.M – Bass