SERVANTS TO THE TIDE - Where Time Will Come To Die CD

SERVANTS TO THE TIDE - Where Time Will Come To Die CD

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From Alpha to Omega - the second album of the German band SERVANTS TO THE TIDE takes the listener on a journey through the history of existence itself: From the Big Bang, through the first rays of light on Earth, to a possible dark future for mankind and, finally, the inevitable cold death of the universe - the place where even time itself will die.

Three years after the acclaimed self-titled debut album, SERVANTS TO THE TIDE matured into a full-fledged five-piece band. As a result, “Where Time Will Come To Die” is more dynamic, versatile and lively, bolder in its songwriting, and an album that we are sure will leave a lasting impression. Recommended for fans of ATLANTEAN KODEX, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT and CANDLEMASS.


1. With Starlight We Ride (5:09)

2. Sunrise In Eden (8:35)

3. The Trial (CD only bonus track) (4:59)

4. White Wanderer (8:08)

5. If The Stars Should Appear (10:30)

- Act I: Nothing But Cloudless Sky

- Act II: The Days of Ill-Winged Idols

- Act III: Marching To The End Of The World

6. Towards Zero (3:13)

7. Where Time Will Come To Die (9:40)


Stephan Wehrbein – Vocals

Leonid Rubinstein – Guitars

Katharina Großbongardt – Guitars

Sören Reinholdt – Bass

Lucas Freise – Drums