SACRED OUTCRY - Damned For All Time (180gr) LP

SACRED OUTCRY - Damned For All Time (180gr) LP

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A long time ago, a power metal alliance was formed in Greece, with influences vast and passion great, inspired by artists like Manowar, Warlord, Domine and Basil Poledouris.

The first recordings took place in 2001-2003 but not a voice was heard.

"And still, throughout the years we had people asking for the album", the band said.

"We always knew that the time would eventually come, the stars would align and the old flame would be rekindled".

Because the flame never dies.

The recordings were completed between 2015-2018, orchestral arrangements were added, editing, mixing and mastering was finished in 2019 and Sacred Outcry finally presented the first chapter in The Sacred Chronicles under the title "Damned For All Time", performed by George Apalodimas (bass), Dimitris Perros (lead & rhythm guitars), Stelios Darakis (drums), Vagelis Spanakis (acoustic guitars), John Skalkotos (keys) and very special guest Yannis Papadopoulos (ex-Wardrum, Beast in Black) handling lead vocals.


Side A

A1   Legion Of The Fallen

A2   Sacred Outcry

A3   Where Ancient Gods Are Still Hailed

A4   Crystal Tears

Side B

B1   Damned For All Time

B2   Farewell

B3   Scared To Cry