MORGUL BLADE - Heavy Metal Wraiths CD

MORGUL BLADE - Heavy Metal Wraiths CD

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MORGUL BLADE's sophomore album delivers righteous headbanging anthems. Songs like the title track and "Beneath the Black Sails" lean into their love of Tolkien lore, with the arena rock attitude inspired by Dokken and the Scorpions. Other tracks like "Frostwyrm Calvary" attack with the ice cold speed of classic black metal. More ambitious yet are "Razor Sharp" and "Neither Cross Nor Crown," which speak to the band's working class attitude and disdain for zealotry. "Heavy Metal Wraiths" is an instant classic blackened epic heavy metal album. "Heavy Metal Wraiths" is engineered, mixed and mastered by Will Mellor at Red Water Recording. Album cover by James Bousema.


Lord Klauf - vocals, guitar

Will Spectre - drums, production

Jimmy Viola - bass, guitar, keyboards

Sister Midnight - lead guitars


1. Eagle Strike

2. Beneath the Black Sails

3. Heavy Metal Wraiths

4. Frostwyrm Cavalry

5. Widow's Lament

6. Spider God

7. Razor Sharp

8. A Welcoming Hearth

9. Neither Cross Nor Crown

10. The Last in a Line of Kings