MDXX - Same CD

MDXX - Same CD

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MDXX is a band drawing heavily from the epic heavy metal and doom tradition, telling stories of evil, darkness and destruction, focusing on creating a world full of tales in need of being told.

The band is inspired by the metal of the '80s, giving it a unique sound in today's scene.

MDXX, was born in 2020, from the ridden mind of V in the cold, dark north known as Sweden.

From necessity after a year filled with death and loss a world came to form and from that world came music and stories now recorded.

This is just the beginning.

A story waiting to be told...


1.   Gasbreather

2.   Oblivion

3.   Enforcer

4.   Decimation

5.   Interlude

6.   Submission

7.   Blakulla

8.   Sanctum