DARKLON - The Redeemer CD

DARKLON - The Redeemer CD

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Featuring OMEN singer Nikos Migus A. "The Redeemer" is a masterful metal album bringing back the relentless energy and danger of US heavy & power metal bands such as early SAVATAGE, OMEN and JAG PANZER, adding a strong epic metal vibe through the band's manic musicianship and passionate performance.


1   The Redeemer

2   Rancor And Agony

3   I Am Death

4   Lamashtu's Claws

5   Iron Glory

6   The Bloodstone

7   The Downfall

8   Way Back Home


Nikos Migus A. - Vocals

D.K. Kras - Lead Guitar

Savvas G. - Bass Guitar

Sevan Barsamian - Drums