ASMODINA - Headbanger (Ltd) CD

ASMODINA - Headbanger (Ltd) CD

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First time on CD format!

The cult German heavy metal band was formed in 1983.

In 1986 they released the "Headbanger" EP on vinyl, which nowadays is a rare collectors item.

"Headbanger" is finally reissued including demo bonus tracks and booklet with lyrics, photos and liner notes.


1. Angeldust

2. Prayer

3. The Horror Remains

4. Headbanger

5. Spirits Of The Death

6. Protector

7. Wraith Rider

8. Tower Of Vengeance

9. Show Me

Tracks 1-6 are taken from the "Headbanger" EP, originally released in 1986.

Tracks 7-9 are taken from the "Tower Of Vengeance" demo, originally released in 1985.