Thrash Metal act DREAMLORD joined No Remorse Records.

Debut full-length album "Disciples of War" out on December 20, 2019 - Supporting ANNIHILATOR in Athens, Greece.

DREAMLORD formed during January of 1995 in order to deliver thrash metal in the vein of titans like TESTAMENT, METALLICA, MEGADETH and SACRED REICH. Until 2000, the early incarnations of the band were presented in several concerts and various demo releases, achieving a cult status in the local underground thrash metal scene. After a brief hiatus from 2001 to 2003, DREAMLORD was back in action and started performing again a series of successful concerts. While the line-up was still changing and shaping, in 2007 the band recorded a private self-titled demo CD and offered it to the live shows, while building a solid fan-base.

After all these years of passion, sweat, hard work and thrash metal, DREAMLORD are ready to present he debut full-length album "Disciples of War", that is set for release on December 20, 2019 via No Remorse Records.

With a variety of influences from TESTAMENT and MEGADETH, to ICED EARTH, KREATOR and beyond, DREAMLORD is ready to deliver a bold statement in the current thrash metal scene, starting with a support appearance in the upcoming live show of the Canadian thrash metal masters ANNIHILATOR, in Greece (15th of November 2019 - Fuzz Club, Athens).

More live shows are on the works during and after the release of "Disciples of War".

Disciples of War track list:
1. Out for Blood
2. Disciples of War
3. The 11th Hour
4. Humanity Enslaved
5. Aggressive Denial
6. Infratricide
7. Blinded Eyes
8. Act of God
9. Outcast
10. Uncompromised

Babis Paleogeorgos - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Yiannis Glykiotis - Lead Guitar
Christos Peveretos - Bass
Nikos Kousounis - Drums