SACRAL NIGHT's new album "Le diadème d’argent" coming out by No Remorse Records.

Recommended for fans of KING DIAMOND, PORTRAIT, IN SOLITUDE. Available on CD and vinyl on July 1st, 2022.

SACRAL NIGHT from France return with their second full-length album after 2019's "Ancient Remains", performing Dark Heavy Metal. SACRAL NIGHT’s music has changed over the years and in the new album they have reached their own style combining elements from underground metal bands, KING DIAMOND, PORTRAIT and IN SOLITUDE, adding also vibes from bands such as DISSECTION and TRIBULATION. The band’s choice to write lyrics and perform the songs in French adds an extra point of uniqueness. SACRAL NIGHT’s theatrical dark metal brings many diverse elements in their music keeping at the same time the essence of pure heavy metal. It's traditional and modern, haunting with a strong occult vibe and a touch of melancholy. The album is intense and beneath any influence there is a personal sound that gives to the listener something fresh with a crystal clear production.
"Le diadème d’argent" is produced by Amphycion and Antoine Volhard. Mixing and mastering by George Emmanuel (ROTTING CHRIST, YOTH IRIA, NECROMANTIA) at Pentagram Studio.
Antoine Volat is also the singer of SILVER WIND, while Amphycion and Mörkk also play in SANCTUAIRE.
Antoine Volhard - Vocals
Amphycion - Bass & Synth
Mörkk - Drums
Marc Crapüd - Rhythm Guitar
Aymeric "Ricky" Mallet - Lead Guitar
1. Les miroirs de la lune
2. Pa-delà les lueurs sépulcrales
3. L’archange aux yeux de feu
4. Conquérant des lumières
5. L’ode infinie
6. Une dernière étoile avant sirius
7. Le diadème d’argent
8. La seconde élégie d’un ange
9. Prêtresse de l’Atlantide
Darkness Process EP (2017)     
Ancient Remains (2019)
Le diadème d'argent (2022)