RAGE AND FIRE joined No Remorse Records. Debut album to be released early 2023.

Epic Heavy Metal featuring ex-IRONSWORD and RAVENSIRE members.

Mário Figueira (guitars) and Rick (bass and vocals) played together in Ravensire until the band broke up in 2020. During the pandemic confinement, they met for a few drinks and metal, and among other things they played Pretty Maids’ “Back to Back” on the stereo. Mário stated his intention of learning that killer solo at home, and so he did; one thing led to another and they made some home recordings of cover songs of bands they loved… It was a lot of homemade fun, and one can still find online the videos they uploaded. At this stage, there was nothing serious about it and, needing a name, Rick quickly came up with Rage and Fire as an amusing homage to their prior band. Mário chanced upon a similar homemade confinement video made by Vasco Machado (the drummer in Iron Beast, an Iron Maiden tribute band) playing a drum cover of a song by Running Wild, a band Rage and Fire had also made a cover version of. He wrote a comment that Vasco should help us out with our own recordings and that did the trick. Meanwhile Mário had been playing in a new Heavy Metal band but it went nowhere. He had three songs, still stemming from the Ravensire days, and he didn’t feel like throwing them away, so he asked the other guys whether they were up to the task of recording them. That was really the step that turned Rage and Fire into a real band. Rick did suggest a name change, but by then the other members had grown used to the one they had and so it stuck.

By mid-2021, they had made a home recording of the three songs. Wanting to do it the way it should be done, they released these as a demo-tape, limited to 100 copies in cassette (50 black, 50 red), and adding, for good measure, their latest cover, the very suitable “I Wanna be Somebody” by WASP. It was titled “Demo 1986+35” because of the regrettable historical lateness of its actual creation. It sold out very quickly.

The band felt the need to add a second guitar player and so Vasco invited Fred Brum, notorious solo artist, hired gun and also a member of Iron Beast, to join in, which he did. The time was right to look for a label that might be interested in releasing an album. Once again, the stars seemed to align and Rick’s first attempt paid off: No Remorse Records was Rage and Fire’s new home. So the band entered the studio and recorded their debut album, adding five songs to their original three. Currently live presentations have begun, and the album is scheduled to be released early 2023.