First ever official HITTMAN video clip for the track "Total Amnesia".

Taken from the new album "Destroy All Humans", out NOW on No Remorse Records.

Meanwhile, "Destroy All Humans" is already considered as one of the best comeback albums of 2020 according to media worldwide:

"Comeback of the year!" - Deaf Forever (DE), 9.5/10
"Excellent riffs and striking choruses! Masterpiece!" - Rock Hard (DE), 9/10, Soundcheck Pos. 7 / Dynamit !!
"The biggest surprise of 2020 so far!" - (DE), 9.5/10, Soundcheck Pos. 2
"Well composed and produced! Hittman hits the bull's eye when it comes to classic US Metal!- Metal Hammer (DE)
"Hittman bring back all the glory days on this new studio release!" - Battlehelm (UK), 5/5
"Hittman return in top form!" - Legacy (DE), 14/15, Tipp!
"The most classic US Metal album this year so far!" - Streetclip (DE), 9/10
"An unexpected yet strong comeback! Great album!" - Rocks (DE), 8.5/10
"The new Hittman album is among the greatest comebacks this year." - Velvet Thunder (UK), 9/10
"Masterpiece!" - (DE)
"Hittman display a mastery of the songwriting craft and musicianship that only veterans of their caliber can." - Angry Metal Guy (UK)
"Dynamics and passion!" - Soundmagnet (AT), 10/10
"Hittman are doing everything right on here!" - Bleeding 4 Metal (DE), 9/10
"A really good album! Welcome back!" - Metalunderground (AT), 4/5
"US Metal without frills! It couldn't be much better!" - X-Crash (DE), 9/10
"A fantastic release!" - Ave Noctum (UK), 8.5/10
"Grand-sounding heavy metal!" - (UK)
"Old school, powerful, refreshing!" - Soilchronicles (FR), 9/10
"What a comeback!" - Rock Garage (DE), 9.5/10
"Hittman returns with a bang!" - Sigi's Metal Corner (DE)
"Impressive comeback!" - Starkstrom (AT)
"An amazing album!" - FFM Rock (DE), 9/10
"Outstanding! Melodic US Metal in its purest form!" - My Revelations (DE), 13/15
"Entertaining from start to finish!" - (DE), 8/10
"Eight tracks of melodic metal magnificence!" - Powerplay Magazine (UK), 8/10
"World class!" - Route 666 (DE), 9.5/10
"A hot candidate for the album of the year!" - Totentanz (DE)
"The whole band performs excellently." - Rock Hard (GR), 8/10
"It seems like they've never really been gone!" - Metal-Heads (DE)
"A more than successful comeback!" - Metalinside (DE); Tipp!
"A worthy return!" - Aardschok (NL)
"Good stuff from a long-standing band that should appeal to fans of Maiden, Sanctuary and the like." - (US), 4/5
"Masterpiece!" - The Median Man (UK)
"If you love Queensryche, Fifth Angel and all the refined American metal of the Eighties, you will not be disappointed!" - Hard Sounds (IT)
"The Hittmans know how to be faithful to their legacy but with their feet firmly planted in the 21st century." - Metalbrothers (ES), 8.5/10