CENTURY debut full-length "The Conquest of Time" CD out by No Remorse Records.

Release date: April 21, 2023

The time has finally come for the debut album from CENTURY. Formed in 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden, the duo of Staffan Tengnér and Leo Ekström released the "Demo MMXX" the same year taking the underground metal world by storm. "The Fighting Eagle" 7" single of 2022 was just a glimpse of what would follow. "The Conquest Of Time" is a flawless display of heavy metal craftsmanship; from bulldozer cuts like "Victims In Chains", "Master Of Hell" and "The Fighting Eagle" to epics such as "Distant Mirror" and title track, CENTURY perfectly captures the unpretentiousness this music has been sorely missing. Everything from the self-produced and self-recorded music to the artwork, no stone was left unturned to ensure nothing but the highest quality and most passionate heavy metal there is today.


1. The Fighting Eagle

2. Black Revenant

3. Sinister Star

4. Victim In Chains

5. The Conquest Of Time

6. Master Of Hell

7. Distant Mirror

8. Breakthrough

9. Servant Of The Iron Mask


Staffan Tengnér: Guitars, Vocals, Bass

Leo Ekström: Drums, Guitars, Bass

- CD version by No Remorse Records.

- Vinyl version by Electric Assault Records (No Remorse will have an exclusive limited colour).

- Cassette tape by Headsplit Records.