Q5 - Steel The Light 2CD / LP

Q5 is a Seattle, Washington, based band formed in 1983 and their music is a blend of hard rock, melodic and straight-forward heavy metal. "Steel The Light", originally released in 1984, is one of the classic U.S. metal albums of the 80s that stood the test of time, including all-time favorite songs like "Lonely Lady", "Pull The Trigger" and "Steel The Light".

The Q5 debut album, “Steel The Light” also had Floyd Rose on guitars, inventor of the Floyd Rose locking tremolo system, a device that was used by guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Kirk Hammett and many more guitar legends.


The deluxe double CD reissue has a new 2018 mastering by Bart Gabriel and will include all the classic tracks of the original release plus never-before released bonus tracks and 16-pages booklet with lyrics, photos and new liner notes directly from the band.

Track list:
Disc 1 – “Steel The Light” album
01. Missing In Action
02. Lonely Lady
03. Steel The Light
04. Pull The Trigger
05. Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady
06. In The Night
07. Come And Gone
08. Rock On
09. Teenage Runaway

Disc 2 - The Rare & Unreleased
01. That's Alright With You (Steel The Light 12" Single B-side)
02. Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained (Demo 1984)
03. She's A Dancer (Demo 1984)
04. Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady (Demo 1984)
05. In The Night (Demo 1984)
06. Waiting For Your Love (Demo 1984)
07. Teenage Runaway (Demo 1984)
08. Our Love Has Come And Gone (Demo 1984)
09. Your Love Is The Best Love (Unreleased Demo 1983)
10. Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady (Live Seattle 1983)
11. That's Alright With You (Live Seattle 1983)
12. Steel The Light (Live Radio Broadcast Seattle 1984)

Limited edition vinyl LP includes “Steel The Light” album and the 12 bonus tracks are included in extra CD in cardboard sleeve. LP comes with 2 cover sleeves (slipcase and regular) including also the cover from the first Albatross pressing, insert with lyrics, photos and liner notes.

LP is available on limited blue color (100 copies - SOLD-OUT) and regular black.

There is also a limited edition of 100 hand numbered copies box set (SOLD-OUT), including:
- Exclusive blue with black splatters LP with 2 cover sleeves (slipcase and regular) including also the cover from the first Albatross pressing, insert and bonus CD in cardboard sleeve with the 12 bonus tracks.
- The double CD version.
- Special exclusive t-shirt.
- Patch.

Additional Info

  • Release Date: July 16, 2018
  • Style: Heavy Metal
  • Version Info: 2CD / LP / Box Set