Thursday, 09 June 2016 15:13


The legendary US metal band Heir Apparent joined forces with No Remorse Records for a new album that will be released during 2017.
Seattle, WA's Heir Apparent was founded in 1984 by guitarist Terry Gorle. During 1985, Heir Apparent signed with Black Dragon Records and completed the first album "Graceful Inheritance" that was released in January of 1986. Up to this day, the debut album of Heir Apparent is considered as one of the best US metal albums of the 80s.
After highs and lows in the music industry and line-up changes, finally the band was signed by Metal Blade Records and released their second album "One Small Voice" (1989), one of the best progressive metal albums of all times. Although the future looked bright, tensions surrounding commitment and finances within the band caused a rift that split the group.
In 2000, Heir Apparent reunited at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany, and in the next years more shows followed with different line-ups for festivals like Keep It True, Metal Assault and Up The Hammers.
The current line-up of Heir Apparent consists of original members Terry Gorle (guitars), Derek Peace (bass), Ray Schwartz (drummer) with the addition of Op Sakiya (keyboards) and the great new singer Will Shaw. This line-up dominated Up The Hammers (Greece) and Keep It True (Germany) festivals during 2016 and with this full comeback, the time is right for a new album that will be released in 2017.
Details to follow on time.

Watch Heir Apparent live at Up The Hammers festival:

Follow Heir Apparent on Facebbok HERE
Visit the official Heir Apparent site HERE

Monday, 16 May 2016 13:48

No Remorse Records proudly presents the first full length album of Eternal Champion that is already completed and scheduled for release during September 2016 on CD and vinyl, under the title "The Armor Of Ire".

Formed in December 2012, inspired by the epic fantasy of Michael Moorcock and savage, pre-Christian war sagas, featuring members of Graven Rite, Iron Age and Sumerlands, Eternal Champion have released a tape and 7" single version of "The Last King Of Pictdom" before they join No Remorse Records for the split vinyl and CD release of "Retaliator / Vigilance", along with their brothers in arms, Gatekeeper. Listen "Retaliator" HERE

"The Armor Of Ire" is produced by Arthur Rizk and the recording line-up is Jason Tarpey (vocals), Arthur Rizk (drums, synthesizers, backing vocals, guitar and bass), Blake Ibanez (guitar), Carlos Llanas (guitar), John Powers (guitar).
The cover masterpiece is created by Adam Burke.

1. I Am The Hammer
2. The Armor Of Ire
3. The Last King Of Pictdom
4. Blood Ice
5. The Cold Sword
6. Invoker
7. Sing A Last Song Of Valdese
8. Shade Gate


Eternal Champion will storm the stage of KEEP IT TRUE Festival XX (28 & 29 of April 2017) along with the confirmed bands Manilla Road, Omen, Q5, Ashbury, Medieval Steel, Atlantean Kodex, Night Demon and Visigoth.

Sunday, 21 February 2016 19:00


MONASTERIUM from Kraków, Poland is the new Doom Metal revelation. Their first crusade, their s/t debut album is already recorded and will be released on CD and vinyl format by No Remorse Records during 2016. Details and exact release date to follow.
Tracklist of "Monasterium" is: 1.Christening In Blood, 2.A Hundredfold Cursed, 3.The Pharisee's Tongue, 4.In The Shrine Of The Jackal God, 5.In Hoc Signo Vinces, 6.Moloch's Uprising, 7.Into The Mountain Of Power
Line-up is: Michał Strzelecki (vocals), Tomasz Gurgul (guitars), Filip Malinowski (bass), Maciej Berniak (drums of doom)

Wednesday, 17 February 2016 01:45


Dexter Ward new album "Rendezvous With Destiny" will be released on April 29th, 2016. The album will be available for first time at Keep It True Festival where Dexter Ward will perform live along with bands like Fates Warning, The Rods, Praying Mantis and Heir Apparent, among others.

Tracklist of the album is: 1.Rendezvous With Destiny, 2.Stone Age Warrior, 3.These Metal Wings, 4.Metal For The Light, 5.Fighting For The Cross, 6.Knights Of Jerusalem, 7.We Are Dexter Ward, 8.Ballad Of The Green Berets
There will be also a limited digipack edition including the bonus track "Robocop", featuring Randy "Thrasher" Foxe (ex-Manilla Road) on drums and keyboards.

Dexter Ward line-up is Mark J. Dexter (vocals), Manolis Karazeris (rhythm guitars), Akis Pastras (lead guitars), John Luna Tsimas (bass), Stelios Darakis (drums)
"Rendezvous With Destiny" is produced by Thimios Krikos and Dexter Ward.

All the fans who will attend Up The Hammers Festival on 26 and 27 of February, in Athens - Greece, will have the exclusive opportunity to listen the album during the bands' change on stage.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016 13:42

Dear friends.
Due to a factory error on the vinyl version of PARALEX "Key To A Thousand Doors", the vinyl editions and box set will be postponed and you will be notified for the exact new release date in the next days.
PARALEX "Key To A Thousand Doors" CD/DVD edition stays as it is with release date as scheduled, for March 4th.
Thanks for the understanding.


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