AMKEN - Theater of The Absurd CD

Release date: April 7th, 2017

"Theater Of The Absurd" is the first full-length album release of the young Greek thrashers AMKEN. After releasing a split CD with MAZE OF TERROR in 2015, AMKEN appeared on stages around Greece and Europe, and played with acts such as SODOM, SUICIDAL ANGELS, SKULL FIST and SIX FEET UNDER. "Theater Of The Absurd" is the perfect example of pure Thrash Metal rooted in the '80s, performed with youthful power and passion.

Highly recommended for fans of SLAYER, EXODUS, SEPULTURA and KREATOR.

1. Shattered Sanity
2. Theater Of The Absurd
3. D.A.P.
4. Obedient Dogs
5. Wired
6. Soul's Crypt
7. Sacred Machine
8. Addicted To Green

Additional Info

  • Release Date: April 2017
  • Style: Thrash Metal
  • Version Info: CD

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