LORD VIGO - Blackborne Souls CD / 2LP / Tape

Release date: Friday the 13th of January 2017

Here they are, Lord Vigo!
Evil, loud and paranormal, Lord Vigo is one of the best Doom Metal acts of our times.
Hailing from Germany and just a year after their highly acclaimed debut album “Under Carpathian Sun” (also by No Remorse Records), they have ready their second attack entitled “Blackborne Souls”.

Tracklist is:
1. Oh Mother Earth
2. When The Bloodlust Draws On Me
3. Great City In The Sky
4. Blackborne Souls
5. Blasphemy
6. Hail Me Fire In The Night (Ishtar II)
7. For Beeing Unknown
8. Eternal Saviour

Additional Info

  • Release Date: January 2017
  • Style: Doom Metal
  • Version Info: CD / 2LP / Tape

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