ASCALON - Reflections CD / EP

Release date: November 2016

ASCALON, the Heavy Metal vigilantes from UK present their first EP release under the title "Reflections". Influenced by legends like Judas Priest, Saxon and Angel Witch, and having already shared the stage with bands like Tytan, Diamond Head, Venom Inc, Slough Feg, Fist and Satan, they are considered as one of the best newcomers of New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal.

The band line-up is: Matt Gerrard – Vocals / Guitars, Chris Marsh – Guitars, Alex Varley- Bass, Vince Scott- Drums

Released as CD version and 12" EP limited to 300 copies

Track listing:
1. Speed Daze
2. Reflections
3. Red Leather
4. Outlaw's Hymn
5. The Enforcer
CD bonus tracks (demo 2013):
6. Steel Nights
7. Ascalon
8. Vigilante

Additional Info

  • Release Date: November 2016
  • Style: Heavy Metal
  • Version Info: CD / EP
  • Members: Matt Gerrard (vocals / guitars), Chris Marsh (guitars), Alex Varley (bass), Vince Scott (drums)

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