MESSIAH FORCE - The Last Day - Special Anthology Edition 2CD

Release date: June 16, 2017

EXCITER, ANVIL or RAZOR are the icons of Canadian Metal, no doubt about it. But those who love Classic '80s Metal and dare to dig deeper, probably already know about MESSIAH FORCE, as their only one LP from 1987, "The Last Day", is probably one of the best Canadian Heavy Metal albums ever made. As 2017 marks 30th anniversary of this legendary release, No Remorse Records prepared special anthology edition on a double CD. First disc includes the original '87 album, and the second disc includes 10 additional tracks: 7 taken from the "Messiah Force" demo from 1987, and 3 taken from the "No Hideaway" demo from 1991.

Except that, No Remorse Records will release special limited edition box set (100 hand numbered copies), that will include mentioned double CD, as well as the original vinyl and tape (!) versions of the album (yes, the original pressing from 1987), signed photo, t-shirt, and a special issue of the Snakepit magazine, dedicated to MESSIAH FORCE only - SOLD OUT

Fans of classic CHASTAIN albums, SAVAGE GRACE and AGENT STEEL - red alert!

CD 1:
1. The Sequel
2. Call From The Night
3. Watch Out
4. White Night
5. Spirit Killer
6. Silent Tyrant
7. Hero’s Saga
8. The Last Day
9. The Third One

CD 2:
1. Silent Tyrant
2. Hero’s Saga
3. White Night
4. Watch Out
5. The Forgotten Emperor
6. Spirit Killer
7. The Third One
8. No Hideaway
9. Get Away
10. Lesson For A Liar

CD1: “The Last Day” album 1987
CD2: Tracks 1-7 are taken from “Messiah Force” demo 1986. Tracks 8-10 are taken from “No Hideaway” demo 1991


Special 30th Anniversary Edition Box Set includes:
"The Last Day" LP - Original 1987 Canadian first press!
"The Last Day" tape - Original 1987 Canadian press!
"The Last Day - Special Anthology Edition" 2CD
Vintage t-shirt
Full autographed promo photo
Special Messiah Force Snakepit issue

Limited to 100 hand numbered copies!

Additional Info

  • Release Date: June 16, 2017
  • Style: Power Speed Metal
  • Version Info: Double CD