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DARKEST COLOR was a Thrash Metal band active in the late 80s in Athens, Greece. During 1990 the band broke up and Tom, the founder of DARKEST COLOR, joined FLAMES on vocals and guitars. All the songs that DARKEST COLOR performed live were never recorded and only three of them ended in the fifth studio album of FLAMES, "Nomen Illi Mors" (1991). At that time, FLAMES was the biggest Thrash Metal band of Greece.

Decades later, Tom decided to resurrect DARKEST COLOR, one of the best hidden secrets of Thrash Metal, with bassist Elias from the original band members along with some session musicians and special guests. The album that should be released in 1990 will be finally unleashed upon the world in 2018...

"Deal With Pain" is the debut album of DARKEST COLOR, with 8 songs originally written during 1988-89, with influences from the Big 4 of Thrash Metal (METALLICA, MEGADETH, SLAYER, ANTHRAX) and the German legends SODOM and KREATOR. The album was recorded during 2016-17, produced by Thimios Krikos (INNERWISH) and among others includes guest appearances by George Emmanuel (ROTTING CHRIST) and Frank Blackfire (ex-KREATOR, SODOM).


"Deal With Pain" is set for release on 4th of May 2018 via No Remorse Records.

Thursday, 15 February 2018 17:51

"Deuce" consists of historic recordings including the first steps of a metal guitar legend. Guitar virtuoso Marty Friedman (solo, ex-MEGADETH, ex-CACOPHONY) along with musicians like Tom Gattis (guitars - vocals) and Billy Giddings (drums), both members of TENSION deliver US Heavy Metal of its early forms, since "Deuce" includes the band's recordings from 1978 and 1979 plus 2 tracks from a DEUCE 1993 brief reunion. To this day, these recordings have reached the level of a legendary cult status scale on the collectable metal scene, and now they are available officially on CD format including extended liner notes & the DEUCE story plus rare photo material.

Deuce Deuce

"HAWAII (the band and the island) represents a unique and very unsettling chapter in my career. The band had a unique cast of characters in and around it, and a great story line, but we couldn't slay the beast that was battling us every step of the way - the fact that we were on a tiny island literally in the middle of the ocean" - Marty Friedman

Originally released in 1984 on vinyl only, HAWAII's "Loud, Wild And Heavy" represents a unique chapter in the early career of guitar metal virtuoso Marty Friedman (solo, ex-MEGADETH, ex-CACOPHONY). "Loud, Wild And Heavy" will be reissued for first time officially on CD format, including bonus material and extended new liner notes written by Marty Friedman.


Both CD versions of DEUCE and HAWAII are mastered by Bart Gabriel (CIRITH UNGOL, HEXX, PAGAN ALTAR) and release date is set for March 30, 2018.

Vinyl version of DEUCE and also VIXEN "Made In Hawaii" CD / LP / Box Set to follow later during 2018. Pre-order and release dates TBA.

Sunday, 05 November 2017 12:13


HEAVY LOAD is widely held as the band that started the whole Swedish Heavy Metal wave with their first album in 1978. In addition, they are regarded as the first Viking Metal band in the world. Heavy Load was founded in the depths of midwinter 1974-75 by the two brothers Ragne Wahlquist (vocals, keyboard and guitar) and Styrbjörn Wahlquist (vocals and drums). The brothers’ vision has always been the core of what Heavy Load was all about. In 1978, HEAVY LOAD released their first album entitled “Full Speed at High Level”, and after expanding the line up with a second guitarist, they founded their own recording facility, the famous Thunderload Studios, along with their own label, Thunderload Records. On their own label, they released timeless HEAVY LOAD classics, such as: “Metal Conquest” (1981), “Death Or Glory “(1982) and “Stronger Than Evil” (1983).


Now, due to an epic pact between the band and No Remorse Records, the legendary HEAVY LOAD back catalogue will be made available again. The series of ultimate reissues will start with their last album “Stronger Than Evil”, and will continue back through their production. These first ever official reissues will be expanded with bonus tracks: some of these tracks have never been heard by the public before – demos, and songs recorded for the albums which had to be dropped due to the limited playing time on the LPs. In order to guarantee the best sound quality, the reissues have been remastered – by the Wahlquist brothers themselves – directly from the original analogue tapes, at the Atlantis Studio in Stockholm, which is one of the few studios that still have the capacity to handle recordings the old analogue way.


The first re-release "Stronger Than Evil" January 26, 2018
At last, the date of the official re-release of "Stronger Than Evil" (1983) is set. January 26, 2018, it is to be unleashed upon the world. It will be available in Digipak CD, Jewel Case CD, LP + CD package, limited edition box set and in digital download format. The reissue will contain 6 bonus tracks out of which 4 never have been available publicly before. Both the CD-versions and the LP-versions will contain very extensive booklets designed by the Wahlquist brothers themselves. The booklets will feature previously unpublished photos, as well as the band’s memories and ideas about the songs. In fact, the CD-booklet will be in 32 pages and the LP-booklet will be in full LP-size. The rest of their four albums are soon to be re-released in similar ways.


The available versions will be:

HEAVY LOAD "Stronger Than Evil" LP
Available on black vinyl and exclusive red vinyl limited to 200 copies (red vinyl is sold out).
180 gram pressing in gatefold sleeve, including 12-page LP sized booklet with many photos, lyrics, and liner notes for each song. Includes extra CD with bonus tracks.

HEAVY LOAD "Stronger Than Evil" CD
Available as regular jewel case CD and deluxe digipak CD.
Comes with 32-page booklet including many photos, lyrics and liner notes for each song. Includes 6 bonus tracks.

HEAVY LOAD "Stronger Than Evil" LP / CD Box Set (sold out)
Deluxe box set edition, limited to 200 hand numbered copies, including:
- Blue vinyl limited to 200 copies on 180 gram vinyl in gatefold sleeve including 12-page LP sized booklet with many photos, lyrics, and liner notes for each song + extra CD with bonus tracks.
- Deluxe digipak CD version of the album with 32-page booklet and 6 bonus tracks.
- Exclusive t-shirt with new artwork
- Patch

The bonus tracks are:
1) I am Me (vocals Ragne Wahlquist, recorded 1983)
2) Air Raid (vocals Eddy Malm, recorded 1983*)
3) Lionheart (vocals Styrbjörn Wahlquist, recorded 1985*)
4) I´m Alive (vocals Eddy Malm, incl. Andreas Fritz on bass guitar, recorded 1985)
5) Day of Dream (vocals Ragne Wahlquist, recorded 1982*)
6) Sleipnir Unleashed (drum solo, recorded 1983*)
*previously unreleased tracks

All clients who will pre-order online any version of "Stronger Than Evil" from No Remorse Records, will get an exclusive free HEAVY LOAD scarf.



Returns to the stage after 33 years of absence!
The amazing legacy of HEAVY LOAD will also be celebrated live on stage.The Wahlquist brothers have yielded to their own passion due to the cravings of their fans. They will play a very limited number of bombastic concerts during 2018. This year also marks the 40th anniversary of their first LP. Heavy Load will announce a series of shows, with an epic and majestic stage production. The first shows in over three decades will take place on the following dates and venues: April 28, 2018, when HEAVY LOAD will headline the legendary KEEP IT TRUE Festival XXI in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany; and one month later, on May 26, when the band will headline UP THE HAMMERS FESTIVAL festival, in Athens, Greece, and will also be one of the main acts at Sweden Rock Festival, Friday evening, June 8.

More information:

"Stronger Than Evil" reviews / interview requests / band contact:

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NY Metal band HITTMAN, will be re-issuing their classic debut, self titled album on No Remorse Records on October 31, 2017, on the eve of the 30th anniversary of it’s release in 1988 (originally on SPV/Steamhammer Records).
Also included as bonus material, will be the original 1985 demo, remixed and remastered faithfully to the original, making this the first time it will have been released officially in the digital medium, a real treat for fans who have most likely only have heard it as a copied cassette, widely traded through the metal tape trading underground, often duplicated many generations, with tons of tape hiss, and degraded audio quality.


The CD release will boast cleaner, more vivid re-imagined cover art (yet still 100% faithful to the original) and will be accompanied by a generous booklet of 24 pages containing never seen photos, articles and other anecdotes, as well as liner notes by the underground press’ first real champion of the band, Kerrang and Metal Forces journalist Dave Reynolds. Dave took to the band early on, and was always an ardent supporter.

The band is also working on new material for a 2018 album, slated for official release at the the Keep It True Festival in Lauda-Königshofen Germany, where the band will perform it’s official reunion show, including all 4 surviving original members : Dirk Kennedy (vocals), Jim Bacchi (pka Bachi - guitars), Chuck Khoury (pka Kory - drums) and John Inglima (pka Kristen - guitars).

Bassist Mike Buccellato (pka Buccell) passed away tragically in 2013 and the band, still a tight knit family, decided to re-unite, partially, to pay tribute to his honor, but also to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the release of “HITTMAN”. The album (and demo), still coveted by many fans of traditional, classic and power metal, has been kept alive by unofficial bootlegs, and social media, and the band decided now was time to do an official re-release and present the best possible result.


Contact :

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No Remorse Records presents the release of the special 30th anniversary edition of "Blaze Of Glory", third studio album of the legendary US Power Metal act, JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR. The reissue will be available on October 30, 2017, and will include thick booklet with a lot of previously unseen photos, lyrics, new liner notes, and 5 bonus tracks: 3 studio ones, and 2 live recordings. The album has been remastered by Bart Gabriel, who except producing last two BURNING STARR studio albums, recently mastered reissues of bands such as CIRITH UNGOL and SORTILEGE, as well as the new PAGAN ALTAR and CRYSTAL VIPER albums.


JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR was formed in 1985 by founding member and guitarist of VIRGIN STEELE, Jack Starr. After releasing four albums in the '80s - "Rock The American Way" (1985), "No Turning Back!" (1986), "Blaze Of Glory" (1987) and the self-titled one (so-called "Orange Album" from 1989), the band returned in 2009, with a new lineup featuring Starr, Ned Meloni (bass, ex-JOE LYNN TURNER), Kenny "Rhino" Earl (drums, ex-MANOWAR) and Todd Michael Hall (vocals, also in RIOT V), and released the well-received comeback album titled "Defiance". Two years later, the band released their next studio album, "Land Of The Dead", which was met with great reviews by critics and fans alike. In the Summer of 2017 the band released brand new album entitled "Stand Your Ground".


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