Tuesday, 30 May 2017 16:08


DEUCE material will be released on CD and tracklist is: 1.Barnburner, 2.Angels from the Dust, 3.72 Hours, 4.Teleman's 3rd, 5.Bad Boys, 6.Atomic Age, 7.One Nation Underground, 8.Devastator, 9.Love's Massive Suicide, 10.Telemann's 3rd (1993)

HAWAII "Loud, Wild and Heavy" will be released on CD and tracklist will be: 1.Bad Boys of Metal, 2.Loud, Wild and Heavy, 3.Escape the Night (Vixen cover), 4.Rhapsody in Black, 5.Life Goes On (bonus track), 6.Schools Out (bonus track), 7.Radio CM, 8.Interview

VIXEN "Made in Hawaii" will be released on CD, LP and limited edition box set.
Tracklist will be: 1.The Young and the Reckless, 2.Living in Sin, 3.Escape the Night, 4.Rocking Me Hard, 5.Beg for Mercy, 6.Angels From The Dust (US Metal version), 7.House of The Rising Sun (demo), 8.Secret of The Stars (demo), 9.Lady Savage (demo), 10.Living In Sin (demo), 11.Angels From The Dust (demo), 12.Give It All You Got (unreleased bonus track)

All three albums will be remastered by Bart Gabriel.

Release dates to be announced.